Home Buying 101

Home Buying Steps:

1. Contact a lender to become pre-qualified and find out about special loan incentives or state and county programs like down payment assistance. You should do this before you even begin looking for a home, otherwise you won't know what price range to look for. Knowing what you can afford and knowing how much you qualify for can be very different.

2. Get a 1% Rebate, that's $1,000 per $100,000 of home price. Once you are qualified Contact Me to discuss your rebate, the area and type of home you would like to consider. I suggest using www.Realtor.com only to search for a home, all other services pull the same data from various real estate service. Other commercial services like Zillow, Trulia, etc... can be very confusing and waste time trying to sell your business to certain Realtors. DO NOT use the contact agent button on Realtor.com, that only sends your information to 4 other Realtors who know nothing about the home you are looking at. They have simply paid to get your information. %99 of the time you will not get an answer to your question but you will get 4 emails, text and phone calls for each form you submit.

Once you find a homes you like, we will tour them, when you decide on one we will make the offer. I will explain the offer form and buying process to make sure you get a complete and correct contract with home inspection periods, financing contingencies and cancellation clauses as well as any other particulars that may apply.

I take care of everything, you pick the home and the move-in date.
  • One stop shopping, I have access to all listed homes in Florida and Highlands County.
  • I can provide lender contacts for any loan type & situation.
  • I'm a licensed Real Estate Agent tor with 11 years experience.
  • Most clients get a 1 year home warranty, ask about it.
  • I can provide a list of reputable inspectors, insurance companies, surveyors, and more.
  • Before you offer I can estimate the approximate cost of your insurance, taxes, inspections and survey that are required by the lender. You can get a Truth in Lending disclosure from your lender showing all your closing cost.
  • This is a free service to home buyers, Real Estate Agents are paid from the sellers MLS Listing fee. Realtor's are only paid when you purchase a home where they write the offer, they are not paid salary, hourly or for showing homes so you never want to switch realtors without letting them know first. Staying with one Realtor allows them to get to know your personality and desires relating to home preferences; as you tour homes together, this makes the search more productive.