How MLS Works

Suntree Florida

What is the cost to list my property on the MLS?

With Realty HUB and Scott Sadlon LLC for a standard commission Real Estate listing there is no up front cost to list a property on the MLS;  no sale, no fee. All services including advertising are free until the property sells. Once the property sells a commission is due, usually paid at the closing table and dispersed by the title company. For a total estimated cost including taxes, title fees, commission and proceeds of your particular sale contact me here.

How the MLS (Multiple Listing System) works

Most, if not all MLS in the USA use a commission based system. The reason commission works is it's performance based. You would not want to pay a company to market your property for 6 months only to find out it did not sell. Sellers listing on the MLS choose a commission that's generally only due upon sale.

Only licensed a realtor that is a member the local MLS can list property on the Brevard MLS System. As  Realtors we have required training, approved legal forms, rules, policies, and ethics that if not followed result in fines or loss of license; this keeps transactions as legal and fair as possible.

There are two sides to every MLS transaction, the buyers side and the sellers side.
As the seller you list the home and pay a commission to sell it on the MLS, usually around 6% of the sale price. 3% goes to the buyer's agent and 3% to the listing agent. All Real Estate Agents in the county will all be trying to sell your home and collect the 3%.
The listing agent will be marketing your home all over the world and to the other 3000 agents, as well as trying to sell the home himself.
In most markets over 95% of homes are sold from the MLS.

There have been several surveys showing sellers earned a average of 20% more by using a realtor. The thinking is many more buyers are shown the home thus resulting in a buyer that is willing to pay the most. Also the buyers working with Realtors are typically better informed and thus more comfortable about the buying process. For example, if you walked into a court room to represent yourself in a case costing as much as a home purchase without knowing the courts forms, rules, ethics, policies, etc... you would be at a significant disadvantage, not to mention uncomfortable. Realtors are not lawyers but they can represent their clients in a similar fashion. They also buy and sell homes day in and day out so they know the forms, rules, ethics, policies, etc... and can keep buyers or sellers on the right track.

Cost Factors:
When you list your home on the MLS it's like hiring hundreds of professional Realtors working daily to

sell your home. You'll have most Real Estate professionals in the County working to find buyers and bringing those qualified buyers to your home at no cost to you, only the agent that actually sells the home to his buyer gets the 3%, what a great system! Consider that a sale takes from 1-2 months in a good market and 6 months or more in a slow market and the commission cost starts to make more sense; consider how much you earn in 6 months? probably a lot more than the commission cost. Most realtors are not paid by any other means.

Safety Factors:
All FL Realtors are State Licensed Professionals, insured, finger printed by the state, accessing the home through my electronic lock boxes.

The Franchise Myth:
Contrary to popular belief Realtors do not work for franchises like Coldwell Banker, Re-max,  or Century 21. Realtors are sub contractors that receive 1099's, not a employees, they do not receive wages, and are not on the company payroll. In fact the Realtor pays the franchises a fee to use the Company s name and it's office space. You can get a great realtor from a small brokerage and a terrible realtor from a large franchise brokerage and visa versa; there is no difference per company. The difference is in the Realtor themselves, experience, loyalty, diligence, ingenuity, ethics and their attention to detail when listing or selling a property.

You will get no better Real Estate services than I can provide.