Self Directed IRA

Why not use your IRA to purchase investment Real Estate without the normal withdraw penalty. Yes you can convert your IRA to a Self Directed IRA, then use the money in your IRA to invest in Real Estate such as Flipping Homes, Purchasing Rental Properties, or Building Investment Homes.

It’s Simple, some basic rules:

  • All Self-Directed IRA’s must be managed by a third party custodian.
  • Establish a Self-Directed IRA with a reputable company that specializes in alternative asset custodial services.
  • You likely will not find a local custodian and frankly I suggest a large company that specializes in Self-Directed IRA’s, here is a nice list or look online and read reviews.
  • Make sure to get the “Checkbook” version , read this
  • Advantages of a Self Directed IRA