Septic Systems

Septic Systems

Septic systems are reliable, as long as you follow some basic rules you can go many years without a problem. I've seen homes go 30+ years without a problem.

What Type system is yours: if you have a pump, a button or a light on your system it's aerobic, see below. You can lookup your septic system here.

Traditional Septic systems:

  • Visit FL Gov to search for contractors

Septic Rules:

  • Don't use Bleach and harsh chemicals, at least not regularly. Not only is it bad for you and the environment it kills septic system  good bacteria. Instead use Hydrogen Peroxide or Vinegar to clean toilets and surfaces or get a septic safe cleaner, CLR.
  • Flush only toilet paper, not tissue or other papers or items.
  • Don't pour grease down the drain, a little is ok.
  • obviously hard objects bones, coffee grounds, see how to care for a septic system